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Selamat malam rekan sejawat,Berikut undangan dan informasi 2024 Vaccines Virtual Days dari GSK:On April 23-26, GSK will host the fifth edition of Vaccine...

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  • 2024 Vaccines Virtual Days

    Dibuat 26 Maret 2024, 18:39

    Selamat malam rekan sejawat,

    Berikut undangan dan informasi 2024 Vaccines Virtual Days dari GSK:

    On April 23-26, GSK will host the fifth edition of Vaccine Virtual Days (VVD), a free, four-day, virtual medical education event. This year’s event will be a contribution to the United Nations (UN) Decade of Healthy Ageing, bringing together health experts from around the world to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future of adult immunisation. We hope to surpass the 19,000 registrations of last year’s edition to continue the dialogue on the importance of adult immunisation and highlight the impact it has on healthy ageing.

    The event programme was developed in cooperation with internationally-recognised experts and will cover the most pressing adult immunisation topics. Please click on the registration link below to find more information on the agenda.

    Day 1 – Immunology and Age-Related Decline in Immunity, Importance of Adult Immunisation and United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing

    Day 2 – Vaccine Preventable Respiratory Infectious Disease, Vaccination for Grown-Ups: Shared Clinical Decision Making Around Immunisation and Vaccine Equity

    Day 3 – Patients at Increased Risk of Vaccine Preventable Disease and One Health

    Day 4 – Patient Perspectives on the Path to Immunisation and Impact of Immunisation on Antimicrobial Resistance

    Want to spread the word? Feel free to share with your members using the attached email template so they may have the opportunity to register for Vaccine Virtual Days 2024. Or simply share the registration link: